Head Injury Rehabilitation Center - Kfar Saba

Head Injury Rehabilitation Center – Kfar Saba

Located in Kfar Saba, the Feuerstein Institute’s Head Injury Rehabilitation Center is a daily out-patient facility for people who have survived traumatic head injuries caused by accidents, brain strokes, cancer, terrorist attacks, and more, and who are dealing with different levels of motor, linguistic, emotional, and cognitive injuries.

The Center’s patients hale from throughout Israel and come after being referred to Feuerstein by the local welfare departments, which also fund the treatment. The rehabilitative center is sponsored by the Ministry of Social Affairs, Labor and Social Services and under its supervision, a unique status in the field of traumatic head injuries in Israel.

A Unique Center Based on a Unique Method

The cornerstone of the Feuerstein Method is the belief that creating a cognitive change leading to a functional change. Therefore, the rehabilitation process combines rehabilitation of the patients’ cognitive abilities and their behavioral, emotional, functional, and social aspects. A significant part of the work is done through workshops instructing art, carpentry, cooking, and gardening, allowing patients to work on damaged skills and to engage in productive thought and action.

Treatment Program

  • We combine various activities which allow our patients to work on specific skills, related to planning, reading comprehension, instruction comprehension, memory, accountability, independence, interpersonal communication, and more.
  • Using a variety of individual and group activities, including study groups, instrumental enrichment (a unique educational-clinical tool according to the Feuerstein method), cognitive and emotional work groups.
  • Through work: practical workshops in the fields of art, carpentry, cooking, and gardening.
  • By combining various enrichment activities, such as rehabilitative yoga, choir, chess, puppetry, movement, writing, and more.

About the Head Injury Treatment Center – Kfar Saba

  • The center operates five days a week (Sunday to Thursday) between 8:00-14:15.
  • Patients at the center are assigned an employee from our team to assist them throughout their rehabilitation process.
  • Our team at the center is made up of 15 team members and 6 volunteers, coming from various clinical fields, including: a neuropsychologist, a psychiatrist, an occupational therapists, social workers, instrumental enrichment instructors, a corrective education teacher, rehabilitation instructors, workshop instructors (art, carpentry, cooking), and a rehabilitative yoga teacher.


” Our goal is for the rehabilitation process at our center to serve as a stop on the way to attaining a normal life, in every aspect, and in accordance with each patient’s capabilities. Each patient’s rehabilitation process is different, and is adjusted to the state of their health, their wishes, and their aspirations for the future. “

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