The Feuerstein Institute

The Feuerstein Institute

Realizing Human Potential

The Feuerstein Institute is an international educational, clinical and research center focused on teaching people how to think, learn and better function. These goals are achieved through the use of the Feuerstein Method, a unique educational technique designed by Professor Reuven Feuerstein, which identifies an individual’s learning aptitude, cognitive strengths, and the specific processes necessary to unlock and realize their potential.

The Feuerstein Method is rooted in the knowledge and belief – affirmed by the notion of neuroplasticity – that human beings are modifiable, and that anyone and everyone, regardless of age, socioeconomic status, cultural background, or disability, is capable of vastly improving their intellectual capabilities.

The Feuerstein Method is employed in a wide range of settings in more than 40 countries worldwide. The method is primarily applied in:

  • Educational Settings:  The Feuerstein Method trains students to develop their learning and critical thinking skills. It is used in classrooms throughout the world, with children of all ages, backgrounds and levels of ability, proving to be as effective for gifted students as is for remedial learners. Within Israel, Feuerstein also operates several programs targeted to provide a ‘hand-up’ to young adults from disadvantaged backgrounds and cultural minorities, with the goal of creating a more inclusive and integrated society.

  • Clinical Settings: The Feuerstein Method is incorporated into clinical practice to significantly improve the functioning of children and young adults with genetic and neurodevelopmental disorders and moderate to severe learning difficulties, as well as teens and adults recovering from traumatic brain injuries.  In addition to our treatment facilities, the Feuerstein Institute operates a residential rehabilitation center, and a school for children with severe disabilities. Feuerstein also offers a range of programs for young adults with special needs, designed more meaningfully integrate them into society.

  • Professional Settings: In today’s dynamic world, potential has become a more valuable commodity than experience. The Feuerstein Method is employed in vocational settings to help find that potential in existing employees and prospective new hires. The Feuerstein Method is also a useful tool in retraining employees to adapt to their skill set to meet the needs of evolving technologies.

  • Research: The Institute has a dedicated research department who work to create new and wider applications for the Feuerstein Method. Most recently, the Feuerstein Institute has adapted the method for use with the aging, to help slow-down and prevent mental deterioration by re-starting the cognitive learning processes.

As human beings, our cognition steers every aspect of our lives: how and what we think; what we do; how we experience and feel. It is what makes us human. This is the strength of the work that we do at the Feuerstein Institute: We profoundly impact people from all backgrounds and circumstances by rendering them better thinkers and learners. We transform peoples’ lives by focusing on their abilities, rather than their disabilities, and in doing so, we affirm their humanity. This is the power of Feuerstein.

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